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goodness gracious. those glazed chicken skewers sure were delish! thank you, emeals.

unfortunately for me, they left a wee bit of a mess behind. caramelized brown sugar and butter like to seep between the layers of foil, and down the holes in the pizza pan. those yummy skewers baked for 14 minutes before i realized what a bad choice that pan was. opened the oven and the golden goodness was bubbling… on the bottom of my oven.

with dash and a jet, i flew to the net: time for research, it was. i certainly wasn’t going to clean that sucker on self-clean mode, subjecting our lil’ ladies to the fumes and heat that would require. eureka! i found a video that called for sprinkling baking soda on the crusty stuff, spraying with water, and coming back after a night’s sleep to literally WIPE it right up. no elbow grease required!

here’s the link for those of you that are inclined: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BT6vx0E7Xs0

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