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“My life can be my art. Creativity is a matter of perspective…the lens through which we see things. Choosing the correct lens and finding the right perspective is key. Knowing there’s often more than one right answer, and being courageous enough to view the scene from another vantage point. Not being afraid to make mistakes.”

We had the distinct privilege of hearing these words at a recent retreat “Everyday Creativity”. Dewitt Jones, National Geographic Photographer, inspired, touched, refreshed our souls with his gentle reminders. In this one-day retreat, we took time-outs for ourselves to celebrate what’s right in the world.

The timing fit hand in glove with a project my sister’s working on called the Smile Project. She’s reached out to so many people and asked “what makes you smile?” In doing so, she’s invited family, friends and colleagues celebrate what is right with the world. Through this project, we all had to pause and reflect retrospectively.

My learning style is often kinesthetic out of the gates. So I walked. With my phone, of course…and started snapping photos. There are so many objects that my eyes gloss over and my fingers instinctively gravitate towards. In the context of the assignment, which i DID choose to accept, mission:smile, common objects became sources of laughter and smiles.

Most of the following are locks and doorknobs on an ordinary day. On an EXTRAordinary day,  however, they’ve taken on new life as animal faces….rawr!


or should i say OINK 😉 on that one. A lovely snout, don’t you think? i took the liberty of rotating these images, to make it easier for your brain to see what mine did that day. This next image looked a whole lot like an elephant. Silly, yes. God gave us eyes to see and hearts to recognize…not always comprehend.

As frustrating as it is, He’s given us unique talents and perspectives. Those gifts morph over time…and what gift it is that Our Lord prepares us ahead of time for Journeys we are to take in the future. So in a season where He wants us to Witness to others, He helps us see the beauty in the details, then bestows courage upon us to share His Revelations. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought: I WISH I had that gift…be it of speaking in tongues, evangelizing, or even seeing visions or remembering dreams. Then I step back and say…well, THIS is what He shares with me in this window, so THIS must be what he wants to do for right now!

woof?This one makes me want to start singing “how much is that doggy in the window? ruff, ruff…” Know the rest? Of course you do, so sing unabashedly!! Rejoice in this newfound perspective, this breath of fresh air. (coming back to this post, months after it was published, I do find it strange that none of the “animals” have ears…

Before you sat down to come along on this creative excursion, I’m not sure what you were feeling inside. I pray it was something good, something(s) that make you happy.

But if not, my prayer is that God kisses you later today somehow, in the way and time you most need to receive his GRACE and LOVE.


lift your chin…

show that grin…

your Daddy took sin…

so you could WIN!

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