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ignite2relight: pt 2

Re-     a prefix that is taking on new significance in our lives. in a word, how we now translate it is this: LINK

What do we link? Past to present. Cause and effect. A bridge between what’s behind and what is before us. . .renew, react, restore, reconnect, rekindle, reapply, reunite. We see fires burn brighter after they’ve been extinguished for a spell. Guess that’s because they once again have oxygen to consume!

ignite 2 relight

Staring at it now, there’s a reason “I” is at the bottom, and “T” is at the top. Once Christ finished his work on the cross, stretched his arms out wide and paid the price, HE ROSE FROM THE GRAVE!

City on our knees, TMac, pay close attention to around 3 minutes 30 seconds and watch what letter the boy forms with his arms: http://youtu.be/PlaKYbG5Bq0

We’d be honored to let you read part three…we’ll talk about the significance of the number two 🙂 Be blessed and keep SMILING!


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