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new life: april 29

April 29th. Tuesday. Jesus Calling

Let me TEACH you thankfulness. Begin by acknowledging that everything—all your possessions, and all that you are (including your hubby and kids, here and in Heaven)—belongs to ME…If you slow down your pace of life, you can find ME anywhere.

Sweetie. my promise to you is this: WE (God, your Daddy, Mama, Siblings here and in His Almighty Kingdom) will savor our time with you. we will be intentional about acknowledging, and appreciating, the precious gift you are. we will REST in HIM, knowing He ABIDES in US. your daddy is really good about stopping to smell the roses, and, well, your mama is growing into a slower-paced lifestyle where everything doesn’t need to be just so…as long as there’s more laughter than tears. we are delighted to know you, little one, for however long we get to. because you’re created in your Daddy’s image and likeness. you are GOOD, you are PRECIOUS, you are OURS.

ann voscamp started promoting a beautiful concept called “1,000 Gifts”…she’s written a book, maintains a blog, and is a lovely woman, wife of a farmer, and mama to several children. one of her exercises on her blog is something we did as a family. it involves printing out many colorful leaves with scripture verses on them. discussing as a family, starting with the verse, then asking the family “what are we thankful for on this day?” a little wooden cup adorns my desk with these, within clear eyesight so i won’t forget to give God the Glory in GRATITUDE. daily 🙂

we did the exercise in 2012. some of the things & people we became aware of, and thankful for:

Daddy (11/12)   Provisions (11/17)   Faithful Friends (12/9)  Our Health (11/26)  Babies (11/15)   Houses & Baby Will (11/18)   Abundance (11/22)   Whole Family & Warm Home (12/10)   Chairs (11/24)   God (11/11)   Strong Muscles & Money for Kids Without Toys (12/13/12)   The Saints (11/14)   Blankies & New Jobs (11/21)   Water & Food (12/13)   Our Home (11/25)   Help (12/10)

…and from 12/12/12…we’re thankful for babies in mamas’ tummies, and how God takes care of us.

your sisters were four and under. and they totally taught daddy & i through that meditation. at that time, we couldn’t possibly fathom our tumultuous journey through 2013.  it really excites us to see & hear how YOUR story will unfold. we trust in God alone, and sing praises of gratitude to His Holy Name.

we love you, sweet baby!

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