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new life: may 29

okay baby bean, mama has a REAL hard time keeping secrets, well, secret. SOOO, you’re auntie christa graduated may 16. the day after your sister graduated pre-k! it’s rare that we get the whole pfam together. much less twice in two weeks (up to chi-town to celebrate augie’s birthday!)   waited as long as i could. but one by one, asked the adults to circle around my phone so i could play them something. some picked up pretty quick. others it took listening to both the “i believe” song AND the part they played 15 minutes later with the dj and i talking about you.

once the cat was halfway outta the bag, daddy told emme back in kc. she’s thrilled to know of you too! it’s darn near impossible not yet telling the girls. they continue remarking that there’s a baby in my belly and talking about the growing breasts-es. wonder how much of it is the longing for another sibling vs. actually knowing. the Holy Spirit works in remarkable ways through your sisters!

daddy and i need to discuss how/when to tell nate & marjie, anna, april & josh. telling people is a delicate dance of faith. the more who know open the door to possibly hurting if your destination is heaven before earth. you’re in God’s hands, babydoll. and in my tummy…mmm, so grateful.

hard to believe you’re ten weeks old, as of yesterday. earlier this week, we had two people (betsy m and annie y) mention that they were praying specifically we would have a boy. healthy, healthy, healthy baby that you are…we love you…just as you are.

ps. daddy and i celebrated our NINTH anniversary on tuesday. we dined at Drunken Fish, and it was scrumptious. your daddy brought mama the sweetest card and gorgeous pink roses. he’s the best. tho’ you already know that 🙂

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