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new life: may 1

the really cool thing about writing to you, precious babe, is that we grow closer to one another each day. the really HARD thing is that not many people know about you yet. your mommy does not get her gold star for keeping secrets. but hey, i’m a work in progress!

your mimi once told me when your biggest sis was very young “never let your kids believe you’re perfect. let them see you fail. tell them i’m sorry and give them plenty of opportunities to learn the art of forgiveness.” somedays i see my big mouth as a flaw, other days it’s revealed to be a blessing.

little one…forgive me, please, for not being courageous enough to shout your existence from the rooftops. i promise we will. we just need to get a bit further along, and it will happen. you know how mama was on the radio the other day? telling your story? well…God has invited me to call the station, see if they’ll send us the audio file of that conversation, then use that to announce our Christmas miracle!

it’s late. and we’re going to take you on your first road trip to Chicago. 4 am on friday is our scheduled departure. it’s your cousin Augie’s first birthday! i’m so happy you get to enjoy cake and the festivities with us 🙂 your aunt and uncle, Augie’s folks, got married in Puerto Vallarda when your big sister turned one. we’re super-stoked to be able to make it!

next week will be busy too! you and i get to go visit your auntie at college! she’s getting ready to graduate with the same degree your mama has, and we get to go visit for her final project review! she got the books from the printer today. you’ll LOVE them…Project Smile: 365 days of smiles. then the following night we are going to try and make a presentation at church on Mary. seems pretty fascinating. the night after THAT you get to attend MOPS with me.

getting some rest for now. you’re growing quickly and we need our sleep. love you, bitty boo!

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