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new life: may 3

We slept like babies last night. Your daddy is very wise, and got our hotel room switched so that everyone would have plenty of room to sleep and play. Between the six of us, we had 2 queen beds AND a couch that pulled out into a bed AND the pack n’ play. Last night, we met up with your Mimi, Uncle Jer, Auntie Leah and cousin Augie at Billy Goat. Really fun place…you and I ate a double cheeseburger with extra pickles that was delish! Dessert was 1/2 of a ginormous pancake (your sisters share very readily…when they want to 😉 AND Auntie Leah treated us to Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream…mama’s FAVORITE!

Guess who joined us downstairs the next morning in the hotel lobby? Your St.L cousins!! We enjoyed a lovely breakfast and swapped stories about our adventures in traveling. The restroom called for your sisters and mama, so we excused ourselves. Hearing crying in the lobby, we hurriedly washed up…wondering who the crying Poor Boo was? Cousin Will bonked his noggin’ and his head was bleeding. All of our Guardian Angels, including your brother Isaac and sister Gracelee, pushed Will away from that granite trim. He could (SO easily) have had major Optical damage on his left side…just one inch above that eye was now a gash accompanied by tears a’plenty. A bit (a lot) of chaos ensued.

Auntie Jess and Mimi flew—er, drove—over to jump in and help. Your super-fun Daddy took all the girls downstairs to the hotel basement to play duck, duck, goose. Wes & Mara raced off to the hospital with their son. The rest of us prayed quietly as we went about getting ready for Augie’s first birthday party.

Jess and Mim brought Ella & Lucy back to the house, and Mama finished putting makeup on. Our girls put the finishing touches on outfits, hair and essential oils. Camera, Rice Krispies and Gifts grabbed, we were out the door and in full-on-party-mode! Oh my goodness gracious: you should see Auntie Leah and Uncle Jer’s new home. It’s so spacious and lovely! Their neighborhood is darling, and they have plenty of space to grow into!

They know how to throw a birthday bash (and forever set the first-party-bar super high): flight-themed party…maps and photos on the walls, cute lil straws with flags on the top, airplane cookies, baggage claim (goodie bags), Jimmy Johns sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw and chips. Yum, yum, triple YUM.

Augie went to town on his birthday cake and LOVED. EVERY. BIT! Proceeded a bit cautiously with bites number one & two—then dug right in—full speed ahead. White and blue icing in his ears, up his nose, all over those kissable cheeks and loooooong eyelashes. The weather was sunny and 60’s and (aside from Mara, Wes and Will not being able to join us) the day was exquisite. I’m so grateful that God choreographed such a beautiful time. Also grateful that He gave us your Daddy, who makes sure to keep family time a priority.

Darling: you are precious. We think of you constantly, and sing God’s praises: for He hand-picked Y•O•U for us!

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