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new life: may 6

baby bean…you’re probably not much bigger than a rice grain right now. you travel well, for sure, sweets. so we got back from chicago sunday night. you and i passed out and daddy went grocery shopping. monday, your sisters and i recovered, while daddy went to work.

today, we got to travel for another exciting adventure…your auntie, Christa, presented her SMILE project for her final college class assignment. and she invited your mama to be her client for her book. what an honor! you and i drove to springfield to be with her.

on the way, hunger hit about the same time as my bladder told me it wouldn’t last another block. the van found it’s way into the clinton bp station, and after i exited the ladies room, i scoured the aisles: knowing protein was what my body needed. i picked up a package of almonds, and headed towards the cashier. for whatever reason, i wandered over to the deli counter instead, glancing over the sandwich menu.

and then met a sister in Christ named Bonnie {her name is Latin, for Beautiful}. when i asked if she could heat up just the meat, she happily obliged, and then asked what else we would like on the sandwich. as i asked for lots of pickles, i could hold the good news no more “I’M PREGNANT!” i shrieked. she giggled, saying “i figured as much but didn’t want to pry.” what came next had to have been the holy spirit, b/c it was so far out of my comfort zone. “we’ve got three lovely, healthy ones at home, two in Heaven, and this one on the way.”

she asked where we go to church, then shared her church name. she got really excited when conversation quickly turned to God being in the business of Miracles…specifically of Healing. turns out she had a ruptured disc with excruciating pain. that was, until she invited her church family to lay hands on her. another man had prostate cancer, started his treatments, came in boldness and asked for prayers. went back for the follow-up treatments and watched the doctors fall over, astonished. cancer gone. voila. just. Like. THAT.


i got to give her lori’s business card and ours, since this site is the home of our story. tomorrow we’ll send her a thank you note, as daddy saved the receipt with address on it. that was the yummiest sandwich ever because of the faithful servant who blessed us. a ten minute encounter…if that…and on the other side, my pfaith tank is overflowing again.

we got to springfield a bit later, and it was all i could do to NOT tell Christa what happened. during the drive, i’d also left a message for the life 88.5 studio, asking for the recording of our bold “i believe statement.” before i left to return home, we had those TWO audio files in our inbox. that’s how we’re going to tell our family about you. and it’s torture to wait, but you’re SOOO worth it, angel-baby.

Christa showed me her apartment, let me paint my piggies and fix my hair so i was looking the part of her “client.” she then drove me to Brick City to tour the facilities there…W-O-W. so NOT the same school we graduated from. ran into eric p while we were there…he looked through me until i said “hi Eric! remember me? i’m christa’s sister, and i graduated from here twelve a few years ago. i brought you that dead bird right before my graduation!” and the light of recognition took hold. we smiled, laughed, then continued onward.

our next stop was the exhibition hall…the highlight of our day together. we went through a few presentations of her friends’ work, and then she had the floor to present her book. i’ve always been proud of my baby sis, but yesterday took the cake. she did a remarkable job answering questions and explaining her thought process.

even sweeter was that Maria, her advisor, had once mentored me in the very same capacity during my college days.

dinner was a mexican fiesta with our dear friend Katie, a bridesmaid from our wedding and fellow designer, along with her two kiddos. such a joyous reunion!

and then…it was time for one more hug and i was on my way. Christa Ann…you ARE a shining star…and your niece or nephew is already being blessed by your prayers and love. keep on rockin’ it! love you so…

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