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Past :: Present :: Future

Sorrow looks back. Worry looks around. Faith looks up! It’s beyond tempting. To look back and not forward. To drive through the past and forget to thrive in the present. The enemy brings old situations and people up. Before I know it, I’m regressing at warp speed. The blinders are on and I’m plunging…and then…my Beloved…Rescues me! Holding my hand lovingly,
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Learning to turn…90° to 180°

“Oh no! What time is it? Ryan!! We gotta go…like an hour ago!” Our heads were fuzzy from last night’s party. Today. Sunday. Gotta get to Mass. But………….we missed all the Masses here in town. I stumbled to get my clothes on as I called each and every Church in the vicinity. Got one. Next town over. “Ok. Ready or
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Power of One

The Power of One. God’s been increasing my awareness of it, and shaping my heart to better understand it. Noticing the everyday things causing ripple effects. Upon one sigh, expression, letter (see above), word, sentence, tear, note, encounter, gesture, action…the future hinges. With the birth of one little person, a man becomes an Uncle, and a seasoned woman earns a new title: Grandma. Pretty powerful thought, huh? The
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