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Past :: Present :: Future

Sorrow looks back. Worry looks around. Faith looks up! It’s beyond tempting. To look back and not forward. To drive through the past and forget to thrive in the present. The enemy brings old situations and people up. Before I know it, I’m regressing at warp speed. The blinders are on and I’m plunging…and then…my Beloved…Rescues me! Holding my hand lovingly,
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Strange Road to a Blessing

Many Are On a Strange Road To a Blessing A Blessing In Disguise Have you ever had an important appointment and then came upon an unexpected road block? Suddenly you find yourself on an unknown road and lost? The traffic is heavy and you are barely moving. You know if you don’t get off this road you will be late.
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“Good” Friday

This is one of the hardest posts to pen, as I’m attempting to remember the details from over 2 years ago. Golly. Over two years…one home sold…another one bought. Three pregnancies unlike our previous three. Daughters 9 mos, two and four. Who could have EVER fathomed, the journey our Lord and Savior was ready to navigate us through. But it’s one
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