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this is the new baby. dreamt about for years, birthed in 2012 (in the front row of my ladies Scripture Study. while immensely enjoying a talk by barefoot marathon runner Rick Roeber)…we create, you buy, we bless! faithfull by design, the retail division of design pfile, will offer beautiful, clever, whimsy, faith-inspired products. notecards, apparel, jewelry…we’ll see what else.

the cool part about THIS entity is that we get to use the profits to bless different charities. this year, we hope to help veronica’s voice. their mission is: to empower women to exit from, to prevent the entry into, and to end all demand for prostitution-sex trafficking in the United States through survivor leadership.

please note all designs are the exclusive property of design pfile and may not be copied or shared without express written permission. 

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