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This past weekend, I mentioned having plans on Monday to go see a Visionary. Numerous friends reached out either in conversation or via facebook, wanting to know, “What’s a Visionary?” I basically said “they see Visions. In the Catholic faith, most see the Blessed Mother.” But then I got to wonder “is that all there is? Am I actually explaining
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“Good” Friday

This is one of the hardest posts to pen, as I’m attempting to remember the details from over 2 years ago. Golly. Over two years…one home sold…another one bought. Three pregnancies unlike our previous three. Daughters 9 mos, two and four. Who could have EVER fathomed, the journey our Lord and Savior was ready to navigate us through. But it’s one
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homecoming: july 19

the following post is detailed…and may be too much. please use caution in reading, especially if your heart is tender…God bless you… 12:30 am…our evening nurse came in with the second dose of cytotec. her name was misty, and she wore a familiar cute pink bow in her hair: it was the same style that my sister jess bought us bridesmaids.
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2 …to tango …peanut butter & jelly …ying & yang …salty & sweet …me & you There’s something super-special about the number two. Perhaps my favorite number these days. We do so very little on our own, by ourselves. We tend to get more done, however, and enjoy more lovely yield, when the dance isn’t a solo. So many joys
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My goodness. Such a long time since posting last, please forgive us. Life has accelerated and shuffled priorities up a bit. A dear friend of ours had a dream. After that slumber, she awoke seeing one word: TRUST. As we are at a crossroads with our home and family, the reminder was perfectly timed. Driving to church early the following
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Fervent Prayers : Isaac Kyrios

Friends in Christ, We write this today to thank you, as we are so grateful for your prayers which helped us through our journey. Here’s an update of what’s been happening since March 28, when we sent the original email. The second ultrasound confirmed the diagnosis of a blighted ovum. Even though the doctors said “no baby developed,” we believe differently. For those
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