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Fervent Prayers : Isaac Kyrios

Friends in Christ,

We write this today to thank you, as we are so grateful for your prayers which helped us through our journey.

Here’s an update of what’s been happening since March 28, when we sent the original email.

The second ultrasound confirmed the diagnosis of a blighted ovum. Even though the doctors said “no baby developed,” we believe differently. For those of you who hadn’t heard, A announced the week before we took the pregnancy test “Mommy, I think my baby brother’s in there now!” (As she poked my tummy)

So we’ve named our son Isaac Kyrios, and have shared our story with the girls. They have a remarkable grasp on it, for being as young as they are. Thanks again to those of you who encouraged us to share our Family History with them now, instead of waiting for an age of better understanding.

isaac bear

The medical choices presented that second week:

(1) DNC

(2) Medication-induced miscarriage

(3) Wait for my body to resorb the pregnancy

We chose door number three, and went first every week, then every 10-14 days for blood draws. They were reviewing the HCG, pregnancy hormone levels. I tell you what, we got to make some new friends during those blood draws and share testimonies of His faithfulness. God has TRULY blessed us with angels among us. Those levels kept dropping, until around 4,000. They went back up to 4,400, if I remember correctly.

So back in for the next ultrasound we went. It was after that test that we became convinced it was time to help my body along. We chose the medication this time, and it got a great start. The next ultrasound showed debris (clots) but they weren’t vascular, so we were able to chose another round of medicine.

We’ve written June 8th on the calendar for Isaac’s birthday, as that’s when we believed he got to meet Jesus and join our Heavenly Family. We will celebrate every year God’s most awesome plans.

Along the way, “funny” things have happened…things I could never or would never have anticipated. Like when in conversation someone pondered “I wonder what he’s going to look like in heaven…a young child or grown man.” Picturing this in my mind’s eye, and knowing how precious the “baby stage” is…we cried out to God…praying through the tears of our anguish. He didn’t make us wait long before sharing with us the vision of a young boy, about T’s age, with blond CURLY hair and the brightest blue eyes you’ve seen (think C’s eyes amplified 😉

Another fun moment happened after the crazy microburst storm that came through here. We lost a tree that Ryan estimated to be about 20 years old…a Bradford pear, in the middle of our backyard. Gazing out the window, forlorn, A asked “what’s wrong, mama?” To which I explained “Mommy’s sad and misses our tree.” Without skipping a beat, she said “Don’t worry! It went to Heaven to be with Isaac!” Imagine how that’s comforted us!

Yet one more tender moment happened after Ron and Lauren’s going away pizza party. They sent us home with four balloons. At the time I didn’t think twice of the significance of balloon number four. Until we went to open up the backdoor of the minivan. Up, up, up the blue star balloon. Again, it was the kids who joyfully announced “it’s going up to Heaven for Isaac!” We watched and watched until it could be seen no more, each of us lost in thought.

This journey has been filled with learning, filled with leaning closer into the Lord, and most especially, leaning into one another. Our family here on earth is so much bigger than we tend to remember day-to-day. We are given such a short time to live and LOVE as if today was our last.

So to say we are grateful for you seems trite. We love you with a zeal that only God our father and Jesus his Son can ignite. Our journey continues, and we pray that our story and this experience can come to bless others as He blesses each of us daily.


Angie Smith’s “I Will Carry You” has been just the book for us to read. Isaac’s middle name comes from pages 23 and 24. And of course that came on the heals of me asking Ryan, then God…”what IS this baby’s middle name going to be?” If you know of someone experiencing (or having had experienced) loss, please bless them with this gifted author’s work.

He Will Carry You - p 24

She’s married to the lead singer of Selah, Todd Smith, and did a remarkable job at this past year’s women of faith conference.

Peace, love and prayers…today, tomorrow and always!

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