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My goodness. Such a long time since posting last, please forgive us. Life has accelerated and shuffled priorities up a bit. A dear friend of ours had a dream. After that slumber, she awoke seeing one word: TRUST. As we are at a crossroads with our home and family, the reminder was perfectly timed. Driving to church early the following morn, the word came back to me, along with the following interpretation:






hands of trust

The last few days, the acronym has come to symbolize where we are at…as a family, a nation, a people diverse as the sky is wide. The Good Lord is refining us, and sharing plenty of opportunities through which we can come to know Him more intimately. Finding peace in the reminder…and praying you’re blessed too.

Thank you, Katie, for sharing your dream. Reminding us all the power held within those gifted moments.

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