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world’s best big brother

i have the best brother in the world. no, seriously, i do. he’s always been that way. intelligent, humorous, generous, patient, quirky, helpful. did i mention he’s generous?

last time we were together, i mentioned this new site: specifically, installing it in a subdirectory. only after i started adding to the site did it occur to me: this should be at root level. it made my stomach kind of sick to think of moving it, to be honest. my big brother told me it shouldn’t be too tough, and he would remote in to help out! i heard angels singing hallelujah out loud in that moment.

so guess who gave up his sunday night to come to my rescue. that’s right…the one and only best big brother in the world. he patiently solved any challenges as they presented themselves, and taught me a bundle in the process.

when you see him next, treat him to some imo’s. ’cause he deserves it and then some…

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