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…to tango
…peanut butter & jelly
…ying & yang
…salty & sweet
…me & you

There’s something super-special about the number two. Perhaps my favorite number these days. We do so very little on our own, by ourselves. We tend to get more done, however, and enjoy more lovely yield, when the dance isn’t a solo.

So many joys have been bittersweetly mixed with sorrows over the last year. But through it all, the peaks and valleys, twists and turns, God reminds me…DANCE! I’ll play the music, you incline your ear, and LET me LEAD.

By nature, I grab the bull by it’s horns and forget who gave me this life. He knows the end from the beginning, so it’s time to renew my trust. Only Christ was in the grave for three days before once again joyfully reuniting with his closet kin. Brothers, sisters, cousins, apostles, disciples. The cross would have been for nought if He just suffered then reunited with His Daddy.

He knew the power of two. Once one person saw Him ALIVE, word spread like wildfire. Without resurrection, hope would have died right then and there, in that cold, dark cave. But that sweet encore when God raised His ONLY Son from the grave, well, that’s History, which He forever altered for US in His obedience to His Father.

Salt holds great importance to preserve and or flavor. When poured on a wound, however, causes such pain and lingering hurt.

Lord, open me up this Easter season; reveal the many times I’ve used an audience to complain, to hurt, to gossip…HEAL the pain that I have caused in my human-trapped-in-the-flesh state. Till the fertile ground and send sunshine and new life. Remind me of these moments, Father, to remind me of how crucial it is to knit myself into your side. For apart from you, I’m nothing, and IN YOU, I can fly! In you there’s forgiveness, abundant opportunities and do-overs. Teach me to emulate you in all i THINK, SAY & DO.

I love YOU, my forever #1!

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