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Grandparents in Heaven ROCK!

One day some time ago, my sister was laden with grief. She was watching a young girl, around the age of six, bravely fight cancer. This sweet girl had spent more time in the hospital than out of it, and my sister was blessed to develop a friendship with the whole family. As she relayed the story to me, we
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ignite2relight: pt 2

Re-     a prefix that is taking on new significance in our lives. in a word, how we now translate it is this: LINK What do we link? Past to present. Cause and effect. A bridge between what’s behind and what is before us. . .renew, react, restore, reconnect, rekindle, reapply, reunite. We see fires burn brighter after they’ve been extinguished
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ignite 2 relight

a spark. that’s all it takes! the coolest thing about asking God to ignite me once again is what it leads to: spark>ignite>learning, leaning, and loving>relight>passion that shines brighter than one could ever conceive of. the kind of radiance Christ glowed with when he was TRANSFIGURED. a lot of times i’ve let excuses extinguish my flame. but that’s ok! our
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