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a spark. that’s all it takes! the coolest thing about asking God to ignite me once again is what it leads to: spark>ignite>learning, leaning, and loving>relight>passion that shines brighter than one could ever conceive of. the kind of radiance Christ glowed with when he was TRANSFIGURED.

a lot of times i’ve let excuses extinguish my flame. but that’s ok! our Daddy loves us and not only helps us ignite that fire, but BREATHES His PASSION into it. Fanning 24/7.

wildfire. burns hot, causes destruction, gives opportunity. only from destruction can He rescue us, Heal our broken nature, and restore us to a state of being better than before. during destruction, we are afforded the opportunity to notice Yahweh’s Hands. draw together in community, and become more passionate ambassadors for bringing Christ’s Kingdom here. NOW!

knowing “it’s Grace we will glean in 2014” and being in the depths of darkness many times before, He gives, and continues giving, the desire to be reignited so we can be the “the spark. the shot to the heart. YOU ARE the hope that leads me OUT of the dark.”

it takes courage, confession, and Christ. over and again. but ready and willing to let Him take the lead, and enjoying the warmth that passion brings. this year has had record setting low temperatures and wind chills. i don’t know about you, but it’s only when i experience that: bone-chilling, wool bodysuits and ten blankets-kind of frigidity —that i remember who breathed life and light into this world. come to say thank you ten times a day rather than two.

part two coming soon 🙂

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