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insights from a sick sis

Your sister, Catori, was sick today. Poor thing! Double-ear-infection. She had been pulling on—and crying about—her right ear. So we paid attention to that side. Turns out, the left side was much worse. Notes for mama: when your child talks about an ear hurting, err on the side of caution and help BOTH 🙂 Also…when your oldest (or any) child gets a carrot stuck up his/her nose, remove said child from dining table and exit stage left into the next room. You need gravity on your side, so tell her to bend at her waist and BLOW.

The week hasn’t been dull ’round these parts, sweet babe. It’s no wonder both you and mama are exhausted!!

So back to ill sister. Through bouts of copious, Texas-sized tears, she pokes my tummy and informs me “there’s a baby in dare!” Annnnnd then one-upped herself by observing “you got big breastezz, mama.” Ah, sweet child of mine. So THAT’S why they had been hurting so flipping bad! But wee one, don’t sweat it. You’re SO worth it. I’m embracing physical sensations…including the painful ones…since pregnancy was once taken for granted by yours truly.

This sensitive, perceptive sister of yours was beyond exhausted at the doc’s office. Yet she STILL noticed: both the nurse and our doctor have blue eyes, “like ME!” she proudly exclaimed.

She teaches me an important lesson: no matter how fatigued I am, it’s vital to (1) notice details, and (2) freely give compliments. No matter the anguish of my “cup,” many people are struggling under the weight of lifting much heavier ones. So I’m stopping today, Catori—to truly see all shades of my favorite color—blue…and say a very special “thanks! i love you!”

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